Dan knows how to write out ‘boobs’ on a calculator, very useful quality I’m looking for in a man 

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If we can define this as art but no doubt Bastille’s The Silence is art.

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My TKAK Choices poster arrived!

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Flaws | River Rat Pack Tour

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Bastille, Sleepsong inspired vinyl cover art. Unknown photographer.

“Oh you go to sleep on your own and you wake each day with your thoughts.”

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My dad took this picture last night and OH MY GOD HOW FUCKING BEAUTIFUL

Leeuwarden - Serious Request 2013 - 18/12/2013

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[] Bastille, These Streets

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Dan trying real hard not to laugh x

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It is not enough to be dumbstruck.

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After everyone’s gone to bed, I still find myself sitting at the computer writing songs. It’s a nice reminder that this has always been a kind of hobby that I get on with because I really love it. —Dan Smith (via andiwilltrytoloveyou)

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