snowflyer asked:
Hi, i see that you're still getting a lot of questions about the bastille-font and have to tell people that you haven't found anything else like it. Some day ago I went on a search and found one font, I don't know how accurate it is, but probably better then nothing. So anyone interested can check out ge(.)tt/9ZS1zBS1/v/0?c it's free and worked great for me. There is no preview, but i can send a picture of how it looks on my computer if anyone wants it. Still think your art is amazing Gem! xxx

I’ll publish so people can see if they’d like and thank you!

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Anonymous asked:
can you upload your bastille font? please :3

Sorry, I’d love to but I’ve explained in my FAQ.

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the urge to draw this child overwhelms me

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Ok, but have you thought about what it would be like if Dan sang “fiyah, fiyah, fiyah” like “fire, fire, fire”, because I have.

I was staring at this post for about 5 minutes because it would sound the same but now I realise

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May, 2014. Photographer.
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Random promo because I’m bored as hell and such

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My cool little promo ends September 14 

Categories include
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Have fun! And if you don’t get chosen please don’t get your panties in a bunch okay no one likes to have their panties in a bunch.

Also, if this gets less than 115 notes it never happened haha
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Anonymous asked:
You have probably been asked a lot, but how did you get the Bastille font? I did find it on one website but they took it down. Also I love your edits. They're amazing.

I found it a loooooooooong time ago and it’s been taken down. I have never since found another source, sorry but thank you ever so much.

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Anonymous asked:
Hi I can't bring you Dan Smith (which is super disappointing, sorry about that) but I'm sending you a huge virtual hug! I hope you're able to put a smile on and that you have an amazing day because you're lovely and you don't deserve to feel down ❤️

:’) thank you lovely anon

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When oblivion is calling out your name, You always take it further than I ever can.

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put your tongue in my mouth im having an existential crisis

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I will see you there. 

put-on-your-wxr-pxint asked:
is it possible for you to make an edit of some of the lyrics for flaws and/or skulls? much love to you<3

Of course!

(My ‘pick a song’ link you can root through all my stuff if you want) :)
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